• Catcher 17" Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder

Catcher 17" Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder

Model: C0020
Brand: Catcher
Add Date: 02/05/2020
  • $34.95

EXTRA STRENGTH MAGNETS - We bring you a *NEW, UPGRADED* 17" magnetic tool holder, now including *HEAVY-DUTY MAGNETS* that will never lose their magnetic force. This update provides you with a high-quality magnetic tool bar that holds any tool set securely and within easy reach. Our chosen magnet has an evenly spread magnetic force across the whole bar, allowing you to safely use the entire 17” length. The magnetic grip is very powerful, yet it only takes a gentle tug to release any tool for use.
SECURE ANY TYPE OF TOOL – This long magnetic tool strip is designed specifically to hold *ANY SET OF TOOLS* firmly, without slipping or shifting - not even a hint of a wobble! Our magnetic bar is calibrated to securely hold tools of many weights with ease. We are happy to provide worry-free, safe storage for hammers, pliers, wrenches, wire cutters, screwdrivers, tape measures, axes and ANY other tool you may have - from the largest, heaviest of your tools to the smallest and lightest ones.
CLEAN YOUR WORKSHOP & TOOLBOX! – Catcher magnetic tool holder helps you get rid of your old messy toolbox, where the task of grabbing the necessary tool is difficult and creates a mess. Our magnetic tool rack also helps you keep your garage, basement, office, workshop, studio, kitchen counters, sewing tables or shed organized and clean. All your tools will be visible and within reach - easily grab the proper tool and get to work!
EASY INSTALLATION ONTO YOUR WALL OR PEGBOARD - Whether you have a concrete, brick or wooden wall - simply use the upgraded screws & anchors (included) to install the magnetic tool holder onto your wall. The magnetic bar can easily be installed onto your peg wall, slat wall or slat board (mounting material not included).
CLEAN DESIGN - Our magnetic tool holder has a black strip to cover the magnets – that's it! No ugly sticker\tags with markings or writings. No frustration in trying to peel them off. No weird colors like yellow or blue.

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