• Catcher Flexible Steel Scraper

Catcher Flexible Steel Scraper

Model: C0009
Brand: Catcher
Add Date: 10/03/2020
  • $13.99

7in x 2in (178 x 50)
Easily remove excess P-Tex or wax
Flexible for ease of use
Durable steel scraper

Steel scrapers are indispensable tools for ski and snowboard base repair and tuning. This is a durable steel scraper made to properly clean the cooled, excess P-Tex from your skis and snowboards. This metal scraper tool was designed with ease of use in mind; with its durability and flexibility, allows you to easily blend the repair into the base making a perfectly smooth fix; getting rid of the visible excess P-Tex or base material easily, quickly and effortlessly.

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